Monday, February 7, 2011

The Beast of the Apocalypse - Henosis

Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2o11

As the stars line up and the world draws to a close, the human race seeks refuge and sanctuary in prayer. Not all prayer, however, goes to the looked up to beings of positive faith. There are also those who have awaited this time of impending doom. The choir of the damned, the priests of darkness and death. They gather to insure the coming of the end. They summon the Beast of the Apocalypse. Its mighty wrath scours the land of all hope and pulls the blanket of darkness over our eyes.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mescalin Massacre - Liquid, Soma, Death

Genre: Industrial/Psychedelic Black Metal
Year: 2011

The moment Timothy Leary's stern, guiding voice emanates from your speakers speaking of mental torment and disfigurement, you know you're in for a trip. "Don't even breath" will be the last words you hear before falling into a twisted realm of swirling black visions and melting faces. Prepare yourself for the deep psychological assault and bleak hallucinations. This one German man has captured an odd and terrifying insight into the deranged mind through means of industrialized and psychedelic tinged black metal.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Job - Nascentes Morimur

Genre: Ambient/Funeral Doom Metal
Year: 2008

Nascentes Morimus - From the moment we are born, we die. The slow and inevitable realization of decrepitude. Transcendental death metal interlaced with introspective ambient undertones.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WRNLRD - In From the Night Herd

Genre: Ambient/Black/Noise
Year: 2007

The bizarre individual that masks himself under the moniker WRNLRD is no stranger to sound experimentation. He began recording and releasing albums himself and was later [and rightfully so] picked up by a label. While this release still falls under the self-produced category do not let that fool you. Easily his most ambient release, the music and production here is quite thick and laden with atmosphere. Eerie noises creep and swirl around you, voices jut out of the darkness and beckon you into it's murky darkness.

Murmuüre - Murmuüre

Genre: Ambient/Black Metal
Year: 2010

Re-release of the bizarre work of this French one-piece. Upon my first listen I knew there was something special about this and when I explored the band further and learned of their past and the composition of the album I was just that much more intrigued. Here we have a very special blend of folk music, dreamy ambiance, improvised guitar patterns and ritualistic howls that leaves you wanting more as soon as it’s all over.