Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ad Lux Tenebrae - Sketches From That Autumn

Year: 2006
Genre: Dark Ritual Ambient/Drone

The first official release of Ural project Ad Lux Tenebrae [“Towards the Light of Darkness”] consists of recordings made during “That Autumn”. The main style of Ad Lux Tenebrae’s playing is shamanic, ritual drone, dark ambient, performed [mostly] & fixed with improvised means in a hut in the midst of Ural forest. Ad Lux Tenebrae uses hand-made instruments - a violin with springs instead of strings, which is played with a bow of steel - field recordings, fixed in the forests, swamps and villages of Ural. Harp, acoustic & bass guitars, vocals & voices, as well as old recordings with folk-songs of Bashkir nation were used. Very potent & original album with strong taste of muskarine, fragrance of autumn forest and fierceful mesmerism. Edition of 132 copies, hand-numbered.


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