Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uaral - Sounds of Pain...

Year: 2005
Genre: Doom/Folk Metal

Sounds of Pain, the first full length from the Chilean duo, Uaral breaks the mold of what doom used to be known for. The album keeps a ceremonial, ritual-like atmosphere that at times reaches the edge of brilliancy. The use of simple, slow and melodic bases of piano and acoustic guitars, some flutes and a lot of different vocal elements going from subterranean grunts to nostalgic clean vocals give magic feelings and an everlasting presence of nature. Sounds of Pain tries to capture the essence of beauty, loss and despair and does so in a great way, making the listener a true accomplice of its dark and hidden emotions.

1 comment:

indie said...

Whomever, they are.

They seem to be very underground.

but quality of music is brilliant.

music consists of acoustic/folk and doom metal genres. while vocalist offers amazing variations which is the biggest highlight of Uaral albums.