Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Year: 2002
Genre: Ambient/Black Metal

This really is a remarkable feat for a first demo, creating an ambiance and atmosphere that is all its own. It seems to serve as a promo, or taster, for the first full-length, but this easily stands alone, and is a fantastic effort in its own right. It is very much black metal, but there are ambient sections added in, passages of distorted, rumbling noise, haunting keyboard work and all manner of techniques interspersed to create a deep and captivating atmosphere. The black metal elements are also remarkably well done. Unusual and unpredictable tremolo-picked chord progressions soar above unrelenting programmed drum beats, accompanied by inhuman screams drenched in reverb and effects that give the illusion of immense distance. The second track has a far more industrial feel, with distorted, whispered vocals over deep, almost choral keyboards, pounding beats and jarring metallic clangs and scraping sounds. It is very repetitive, but in a captivating, hypnotic manner rather than a boring one.

Year: 2003
Genre: Ambient/Black Metal

Dark Space I is first a mystery to the auditor. An indefinable mix of different styles, samples and ambient sounds combined to a terrifying musical abyss. But after several wanderings through Darkspace’s dimension, you’ll notice the fine differences in each song which make every track to a stand alone masterpiece that fascinates you for hours.

Year: 2005
Genre: Ambient/Black Metal

Dark Space II exists as an organic entity where melody is made by thick bass notes – sanguine spasms that pulsate under a thin, gossamer web of guitar, reminiscent to the tone of horror flicks ambient. The music represents an amorphous mass, hard to break down in pieces due to the compact style with which the instruments are played. The composition brings to mind the sobriety and icy tension of doom metal, tension that discharges into the listener through vast detonations of static that don’t disturb the flow of already overburdened sound.

Year: 2008
Genre: Ambient/Black Metal

The music of Darkspace here is a blend of the first two albums. The heavy rhythmic palm muting riffs of the first album that almost gave a death metal touch are back after being put aside for "II". The huge airy and open keyboard sounds of two are also back, and III almost feels as if it is the best of the first two albums blended together. The songs are all very long, but this time the music is as varied as ever for Darkspace standards. One of the key things that Darkspace do are create a wall of sound rather than distinct riffs and melodies. This is effective because you don't notice repeats or reoccurring structures which makes the music flow very organically. The mix is also very organic, including a good amount of distortion on the guitars bass and vocals. The drumming is still being handled by a computer and I think the synth is also programmed as it is rarely actually playing anything melodic. The synth creates moods and bursts of sound which work extremely effectively.

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